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Next Years 'Progressive Mediumship Development Group' will be the  March 20 - 24 and  September 18 - 22, 2019, plus a FREE one day Masterclass on the September 17th 2019 . I am passionate about developing Professional Mediums that are 'World Class', helping make you The Professional Medium!

Please Note: As this is a Progressive Mediumship Development Group, I shall be tailoring each class to meet the individual needs of all students, as well as a group as a whole, allowing you to further progressively unfold you mediumistic abilities to their full potential.

The Progressive training group will continue to include:

2 X 5 Day Seminars with Chris Drew
Nothing can replace 'Face to Face' personal training. These weeks will be intensive and will continue to help you to achieve your true mediumistic potential. We will look at deepening your connection with the Spirit World and deepening your evidence even further. I believe that we need to remember that communication with the Spirit World should go far beyond just merely giving information. If we are to do justice to the communication we need to be able to tell the ‘story’ of the person in the spirit world and bring that communication ALIVE. These are real souls that have lead real lives. We need to be able to tell the story of the relationship they shared with those in this physical life, remembering those special memories, as well as being able to be a true evidential medium and strive to give the best evidence that we can. This can only be done by bringing the naturalness into our mediumship.My work ethic is simple: regardless of a student's level of experience they should never be satisfied with, or limit themselves to, the standard of mediumship that they have achieved. I instil this work ethic by taking my students out of their comfort zone, encouraging them to strive for more and to push the boundaries of their mediumship.                            

Please Note: I shall continue to keep student numbers low, this allows for more individual tuition, which I feel is essential when developing mediumship. Nothing replaces having a Tutor that through regular training gets to deeply understand you and your mediumship!

Two Spiritual Assessments via Skype
(one after each week's training)
A Spiritual assessment is an opportunity for me to provide you with practical advice and support to aid your own mediumistic and spiritual development. I will talk about what is happening within your development. This will include identifying those obstacles that you are attempting to overcome, alongside those positive aspects of your development that need to be maintained. At the same time I will also attune to the spirit world, who may also offer you guidance and direction with your mediumistic and spiritual development. The Skype sessions that follow the 5 Days training will of course look at your progression during the training programme.

Monthly Online Tutorials via ZOOM
Every month throughout the course I shall offer an Online Tutorial, this will cover many aspects of mediumship. These sessions are delivered with a wealth experience, and in natural way guided by the Spirit World! I have studied and practiced mediumship for nearly two decades. My students will examine mediumship from a modern perspective while evaluating the philosophical issues . Additionally, I'll also bring my unique knowledge of Personal-Development into the sessions. These sessions will be conducted via ZOOM and a recording of the tutorial will be emailed to you after each tutorial.

Continued Support
I am here to support you throughout your training and should you need advice or support at anytime during your development you can contact me and I shall do my best to help you with your problems.

Skype Readings Training and Practice
Skype Readings are becoming more and more popular and they are big business. For those of you wishing to put into practice the training with these type of readings I shall arrange for you to do exchange readings with my SNU Mentorship students, giving myself and each other constructive feedback. Please do take this opportunity and feel free to use these sessions as away to experiment with your mediumship. There are plenty of students wanting to practice and further their development.

FaceBook Group
The mediumship journey can be a difficult and lonely path at times, that is why it's important that we support each other and social media private groups are a great way for us all to keep in touch. So I am determined to make the most of our closed Facebook Group and I shall be posting regular posts of inspiration and ideas to help your development!

And... I am also offering..


'Professional Presentation' A look at the business aspect of your work as a Medium, including how to best promote YOU, as an individual.

I am offering you this additional 'free' one day Masterclass. This will be the day before we start our September 5 day classes (Tuesday, September 17th)

Cost:  Once again we shall not be raising the cost of the course, as we feel we want to continue to offer you all a commitment of quality and individual training at a 'reasonable cost'.