This course will look at ‘surrendering’ to the power of the Spirit World, therefore achieving a stronger Clairsentience connection and deepening your evidence.
Chris believes that we need to remember that communication with the Spirit World should go far beyond just merely giving information. If we are to do justice to the communication, we need to be able to tell the ‘story’ of the person in the spirit world and bring that communication ALIVE. These are real souls that have lead real lives. We need to be able to tell the story of the relationship they shared with those in this physical life, remembering those special memories, as well as being able to be a true evidential medium and strive to give the best evidence that we can. This said during the course we will therefore look in depth at unfolding the evidence from the communicator, and deepening the evidence.
The course will also look at exercises that will help you to enhance your Clairvoyance and exercises that will teach you to be more open to receiving different types of Relationships.
The course will look at ‘meeting the needs’ of your sitter, allowing for a reading of real quality and meaning.
This course offers a very full, hard working 4 days, giving you lots of constructive guidance to help you improve your abilities, in a very supportive and fun environment. Let’s take that journey together!
Mixed Levels
The course will cost only $475.
To register your interest please email