Many people remember and speak of the quality mediumship and teaching of Gordon Higginson. Teaching on this week will be one of the first mediums he mentored Mavis Pittilla, and the last person he mentored Paul Jacobs. During the teaching and training of your mediumship we will be sharing and giving you the knowledge, understanding and training he gave us. If Gordon Higginson saw you had potential and took an interest, he would be a hard task master. So this course for those of you are at advance level is not for the faint hearted.
As a teacher and trainer of mediumship I agree with the words Gordon spoke in a media interview. Mediumship is not the standard of the past, the reason why, is not because there are not the people with the potential, it’s that they are not being taught correctly. We have thrown away and changed much in unfoldment and training of mediumship. Therefore, I believe we need to go BACK to many of the teachings in mediumship training to have the quality we need for the FUTURE.
Developing the power to unfold the gifts: Spiritualising your mediumship and putting naturalness first, technique and structure second within private sittings and when demonstrating mediumship.
The rest of the team this week have been mainly trained or mentored by tutors that were mentored by Gordon Higginson. They are excellent, José Gosschalk and Chris Drew. Their mediumship is outstanding and the quality and passion for wanting the best for a student is second to none.
This week will be focused on 3 group sessions a day, limited to 12 students per group which will enable to give quality feedback within the exercises to each student.
Each morning there will be meditation in the power of your own spirit and lifting your consciousness and power to blend with the spirit world not a person.
Besides the public services in each evening there will be demonstrations of mediumship by many of the students, who then will receive a personal assessment by one of the tutors from the week.
Each day there will be one session when one of the tutors will take a lecture, tutorial, debate and discussion on the philosophy of mediumship.
For those students who are at intermediate level, this course will stand you in good stead and solid foundation to build and help you move forward to being an advance student. You may have to try new ways and discipline you have not experience before, so for you too it’s not for the faint hearted.
A very practical week with a sharing of quality knowledge, teaching with teachers who care and honest about your development, also caring about the quality of representing the spirit people.
Groups limited to 12 Students