Beginners Course 
This one-day course is for beginners, and those who are already in the early stages of their mediumistic and psychic development… The course aims to give the student a solid foundation and understanding covering the mediumistic and psychic levels.
The day will focus on, in a practical way, demonstrating evidence of eternal life and the intelligence behind the communication; aiming to truly understanding clairsentience by blending with the communicator from the spirit world; and being able to emanate from oneself the essence of the spirit communicator, to achieve a strong foundation.
Chris will also guide you through truly understanding Clairvoyance and how to allow the images to unfold in a natural way, allowing them to manifest in a natural way to give the evidence within your mediumistic contacts.
You will also be guided to understand your Psychic abilities and be given exercises that you can then practice.
This will be a practical day, as well as an informative day of teachings.