New – 5 weeks Progressive Development Group with Chris Drew 
This course is Not suitable for beginners; the teaching module will be focusing on Chris’s own personal way of approaching mediumship and it’s development. And is suitable for those that already have a basic foundation of connecting on the mediumistic and psychic levels. It is also ideal for those that wish to gain stronger foundations within their mediumship.
Each class is interactive and will work on many aspects of the Mediumistic and Psychic levels.
Each session will last for 2-hours and will consist of a talk, an exercise, and a question and answer session.
The 5 weeks will focus on, in a practical way, demonstrating evidence of eternal life and the intelligence behind the communication; understanding the use of clairsentience in blending with the communicator from the spirit world; and being able to emanate from oneself the essence of the spirit communicator.
It’s important that every medium works on being able to establish the relationship of the communicator and also be open and receptive to receiving different types of relationship, and not limiting oneself or the spirit world.
The sessions shall also be focusing on clairvoyance; through practical exercises we will work on understanding how clairvoyance truly works and how to surrender to those picture/ images from the communicator and take your evidence to new heights. We shall also look at ‘Unfolding the Story’.
In the private sittings situation we will look at exercises to strengthen and give structure to your sittings, giving you exercises that will help you with understanding and assessing the needs of your sitter, aiming to be able to give quality sittings that leave your sitter satisfied and uplifted.
The module will host a limited number of students.
Level: Mixed – No Beginners