This talk will cover how to conduct ‘Spiritual Assessments’, A Spiritual assessment provides the sitter/developing medium with practical advice and support to aid their own mediumistic and spiritual development, looking at their potentials. This will include identifying obstacles that they are attempting to overcome, alongside those positive aspects of their development that need to be maintained and further developed. Chris will explain how to also attune to the sitters guides and helpers in the spirit world, who may also offer guidance and direction with the sitter’s mediumistic and spiritual development. A practical exercise will be given for you to personally experience some of the teachings given in the talk, as you attune to your own soul and spirit to gain an understanding of the spiritual path.
Level: Intermediate/Advanced ONLY, no beginners.
Students must have already demonstrated consistent and accurate evidential communication from the Spirit World in private sittings for this talk.
Please Note: This class will require attendance, as it will NOT be recorded.