The ‘medium’ should never see the Psychic Level as lesser than the Mediumistic Level. We must remind ourselves that the Psychic Level in a Private Sitting can offer just as much to the recipients needs, as that of evidential mediumship.
We should also often remind ourselves the importance of the Psychic Level and the wonderment of what is actually taking place! We often neglect this vital part of the Psychic Medium’s development.  
This day course will look at exercises to further develop your psychic abilities, and give you a deeper understanding of how the psychic level works, teaching you how to reach your fullest potential. 
In the private sittings situation we will look at exercises to strengthen and give structure to sittings, giving you exercises that will help you with understanding and assessing the needs of your sitter. 
Whatever level of experience we are at with one’s psychic ability, we should never be satisfied with, or limit ourselves to the standard that we have already achieved. We should always be striving for more, and pushing the boundaries of our psychic abilities.