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Chris’s greatest passion is to publicly demonstrate his Mediumship. Chris has built a solid reputation based on the quality and accuracy of his work, his integrity and compassion, and the modern demonstration style that he has developed.

Chris has always been aware of his mediumistic ability. Once he had begun to consciously develop his Mediumship, Chris was quickly led to the Arthur Findlay College, the world’s foremost college for the Advancement of Mediumship and Psychic Sciences, where he embarked on an intensive study and development of his mediumistic abilities. It was here that he met Paul Jacobs, one of the finest teachers and exponents of Mediumship, who not only quickly became Chris’s mentor and friend, but also significantly influenced Chris’s mediumistic development.

Although Chris is predominantly based in London, his work has taken him across the UK and throughout the world.
With his fresh and modern approach to Mediumship, Chris works tirelessly to reunite people with their loved ones, and helps people to discover their own latent mediumistic abilities. Chris works in several highly regarded mediumistic institutions, both as a demonstrator and a tutor, including the Arthur Findlay College, where he is an approved tutor, SAGB in London and De Zwanenhof in Holland.




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